Qt Development for macOS: Tips and tricks with Lukas Kosiński | #QtWS23

Abstract: Dive into the world of Qt development for macOS with this insightful talk, designed to empower developers with platform-specific integration techniques and practical deployment strategies. Discover how to effectively work with Objective-C and native macOS APIs, as well as navigate app packaging, signing, and distribution. This presentation will offer a wealth of tips and best practices to optimize your macOS Qt development process and prepare a strategy for porting your app to macOS. Join us to enhance your understanding of the macOS platform and unlock its full potential for your Qt projects.

About the Speaker: After falling in love with the Qt framework, Lukas spent a few years developing his skills and working as a freelancer or contractor developer. He has experience working on cross-platform Qt projects for various industries such as health care, automotive, consumer electronics, and defense.

Lukas describes himself as a specialist in QML development with strong expertise in C++. Despite being specialized in QML, he values features coming with Qt Widgets in the context of desktop UI development.

Because of his passion for Qt development, he decided to found Scythe Studio – Qt software services company.