Qt Insight. Learn Your Customers. Optimize the Experience | #QtWS22

We believe that to truly understand your customers, you need to learn from them. Learn how, when, and why they use your service so that you can continue optimizing the user experience and make better-informed business decisions. Qt Insight is an analytics tool designed to provide real customer insights on your application or device usage. It was created for companies utilizing embedded technology to shed light on an application’s performance, usage, and user data that may not be otherwise attainable. Qt Insight works as an internal part of your application or development platform, providing you with real-time analytics. With it, you can become aware of customer pain points, analyze performance, and create tangible, evidence-based development plans for your business. And, with an analytics tool built directly into the Qt framework, you own all your data and don’t need to rely on third-party cloud solutions to store critical or sensitive information. Speaker: Tapio Haantie