Qt WebEngine {Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020}

The chromium-based web rendering solution has been helping many products to succeed when there was a need to integrate web content into a Qt based application. In this presentation, the speaker will talk about its use-cases, benefits and progress. Also, scenarios will be discussed when Qt WebEngine might not be the perfect fit to a problem and what options Qt provides then. As Qt 6 is on the horizon, plans for the future will be discussed as well. Speaker: Maurice Kalinowski, Senior Product Manager Maurice Kalinowski works for the Qt Company as Senior Product Manager. He started at Trolltech GmbH in Germany in 2006, with the focus on Microsoft Embedded Platforms, developer tooling and offering product development. Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020 was held in May 2020. 35+ live tech talks, Q&As, and more were carried out by members of the international Qt community, in a free online event for designers, developers, and technology managers; focusing on interactive learning to create high performance UI/UX, applications with the Qt framework.