Qt6 and other cool new stuff - What's coooking? (part 1)

www.qt.io Join Lars Knoll on a life-changing journey of discovery through the all-new Qt 6. Lars talks about how Qt 6 was rearchitected with productivity as its cornerstone. This is the first part of the video. You can find the second part here: https://youtu.be/1kgJnfT0sNs Tune in to find out all about - Qt Rendering Hardware Interface - Qt Quick 3D - Qt Quick Controls 2 desktop styling - HiDPI Support - New Qproperty system - Revamped Concurrency APIs - Networking capabilities - Platform interaction - Changes under the hood - C++17 and CMake - Operating systems: development hosts and targets - Qt Creator IDE - Qt Design Studio 2.0 - Qt for microcontrollers (MCUs) - Migration support - Qt 6 roadmap and outlook for the future