Rapid UX prototyping to test and communicate UX {On-demand webinar}

Adopting methods for rapid UX prototyping and including developers in iterative user testing ensures designs will delight end-users and be flawlessly understood by developers.

Our current world of remote teams and virtual user testing increases the need for both tools to quickly create lightweight prototypes and workflows that support true collaboration between designs, developers, and end-users.

Join us for an interactive panel with experts in design, user testing, and rapid UX prototyping. We’ll be answering questions about why to prototype, when to user test, and how to break down communication barriers.


·       Roger Mazzella, Senior Product Manager, The Qt Company

·       Mary Donnelly, Principal Consultant, Fathom Consulting


·       Shawn Dorsey, Senior Technical Artist, The Qt Company

·       Jeff Harrison, Senior User Experience Consultant, Fathom Consulting

·       Kat Jayne, Lead Consultant, Experience Research & Design, Fathom Consulting