Working with the Scripted Object Map | Release Webinar | Squish GUI Tester

Watch the Squish 6.4 Release Webinar about the new Script-based Object Map. The latest version of the Squish GUI test automation tool comes with a powerful new scheme for expressing and managing object names: the Script-based Object Map. Instead of storing object property lists as plain string lists, this approach makes use of variables and dictionaries. By adopting the native concepts of the scripting language, this simplifies the process of tweaking object lookups, e.g. to accomplish dynamic object lookups. The Script-based Object Map offers great flexibility and you can split it up to organize GUI objects belonging to different UI layers or test units. Furthermore, the Script-based Object Map is tightly integrated with the Squish test creation environment. It allows you to leverage IDE features such as object name code completion and refactoring for a truly great user experience.