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S3 Fuzion Inc team combines over 50 years of electronics hardware, software and full stack system design experience across military, automotive, industrial, and commercial markets. Intellectual property created for Fortune 100 companies continues to be employed in new products along with technology developed in hundreds of electronics products.


Xelorate - Addressing the issue of too much information

Built by engineers with over 20 years of experience in both hardware and software at Fortune 500 technology companies, S3 Fuzion Inc was created to address a prominent, and ever-growing problem in the electronics industry: too much information for existing web technology to deal with effectively, and produce useful results. 

The electronics industry built its IT infrastructure on 2000’s technology, which, whilst a huge improvement from the days of waiting for data books, has not been able to keep up with the explosion of data. This rings especially true for the accelerating growth in the number of electronic parts available, and shortening life-cycles. 

Even the most robust websites take hours to find parts that match engineer needs, and thorough part research requires several similar efforts.  Web tools were not designed to provide the deep search results and information services that engineers need for complex product selection. Web technology is also costly to develop, operate and maintain, leaving small businesses at a major disadvantage, as they are forced to rely heavily on distributor websites. Whilst these can be useful, they're also a challenging place to stand out from the crowd of suppliers.

So, what is a small company to do? Enter S3 Fuzion's Xelorate.


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The Xelorate Difference

What is Xelorate?
Xelorate is a cloud based application for Electronics Part Research that provides the best of both desktop Application and Web worlds. Xelorate provides direct and real-time interaction between a supplier and the engineer customer. All new parts and part updates are instantly available to all customers, eliminating delays and reducing risks. Customers get faster and better results with easier management of parts and information. The operation costs a fraction of web technology and scales with quantity to be affordable by suppliers of all sizes.   
What are the main benefits for customers?
Customers and sales teams can find parts that better meet their needs in just a few minutes instead of spending hours on distributor and supplier websites. These part results are instantly comparable using Xelorate’s TRUE Digital parts and InSpec Information Viewer service, where everything is auto-organized, chartable, and tunable to the customer's preferences. The selected parts can then be saved to their personal Asset Locker where they can monitor status for alerts, add internal purchasing information, and organize their parts library according to projects for easy information recall.
How does it benefit suppliers?
Xelorate's supplier partners have instant and direct communication with their customers.  No middle men, roadblocks or gaps in communicating with customers. All changes are automatically provided to customers, and part updates are provided as Alerts to customers using those parts so the customers know there’s a relevant product change. These product notifications and alerts help customers avoid expensive and damaging supply chain problems, manufacturing lines-down, and emergency re-design / qualification cycles.

"Web-based development with centralized computing methodologies cannot provide the same performance levels and integration capabilities as the Qt framework. Qt can support high-performance Javascript and C++ backend, allowing our teams to squeeze every drop of performance, and integrate with C++ backend libraries such as databases, REST APIs, and scientific libraries."

Ian Cain, CTO, S3 Fuzion

The Qt Contribution

Xelorate benefited from Qt by it providing amazing QML-based UI performance, which allowed the team to leverage the ability to integrate C++ backends directly into the QML framework idiomatically. This was unprecedented and allowed the teams to have both performance and user interface capabilities. 

Xelorate is cross-platform and available on Windows, Linux and Mac desktops. Qt allows Xelorate to be a single-code base yet support all widely used operating systems. Today's engineer has the choice of many excellent operating systems and Qt allowed S3 Fuzion to provide Xelorate to their engineers no matter which system they chose use.

Qt also allowed Xelorate to maximize Edge Compute, and by allowing seamless C++ backend integration into the QML UI framework allows the company to integrate any additional libraries and components as needed. Xelorate has integrated 3rd party databases, scientific computing libraries, and high-performance electrical simulation libraries. No other framework provides this flexibility and power to integrate.

Other standout features:

  • Qt enables Xelorate to blend information of all types and from a multitude of sources into a seamlessly integrated information service with high-performance computing tools and management services that include live analytics.
  • Engineers designing new & innovative products have millions of problems to solve. They have limited time to research and select parts. Qt Desktop enables Xelorate to deliver better answers in minutes, saving hours to days to weeks. 
  • Qt's cross-platform technology allows Xelorate to be deployed across computing platforms for all engineers to use. 
  • Not only did Qt help S3 Fuzion develop Xelorate, but as engineers developing services for engineers, Qt provided the optimal development framework for engineers who need to develop innovative products or new tools with limited resources and time.

An Edge Over Their Competitors

S3 Fuzion did side-by-side comparisons between HTML/nodejs (cloud central compute) and Qt. There was simply no comparison.

1. Performance: Qt significantly outperformed HTML/nodejs based solutions in every category.

2. Developer Productivity: QML proved to be extremely easy and productive for our engineers no matter how complex the UI. Providing a clear and brilliant layout methodology, intuitive signaling, high performant widgets, extensive documentation and a rich set of visualization and debugging tools.

3. SpeedUsing QML, development speed was greatly increased to allow S3 Fuzion to move to market faster. S3 Fuzion has a strong intern and junior engineer program and they found that in less than 30 days an engineer could be fully fluent in QML and producing astonishingly complex and high-quality user interfaces. A similar program using HTML required 3 months to complete and was far less compelling.

Xelorate was recently released on Qt6, which provided significant speed and memory management improvements.


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"Qt's support of startups with its Qt Small Business program helped S3 Fuzion get through early product concept and MVP development. The Qt team's support and assistance has been a blessing. As a startup, there’s been no better partner than Qt.”

Ed Osburn, President, S3 Fuzion

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