May 2, 2016


Trading in Qt Group Plc shares on the Helsinki stock exchange will begin today, 2 May 2016, at 10.00. The trading code is QTCOM. Qt Group Plc was established as an independent company when it demerged from the Digia Group on 1 May 2016 in the partial demerger of Digia.  

Digia’s shareholders have received one (1) Qt share for each Digia share they own as demerger compensation. The number of Qt Group shares available for trading is 20,818,273.

Qt Group Plc is a company focusing on the development of software tools. It is responsible for the product development, commercialisation and licencing of software development tools based on Qt technology under both commercial and open-source licences. Qt is a C++ based library and tool platform for the development of efficient, interactive and cross-platform applications and devices. It is estimated that Qt is used by more than 1,000,000 software developers around the world.

Operating as an independent company enables Qt to pursue an even more focused strategy, clarify the financial monitoring of operations and their valuation, and enhance the potential to increase shareholder value. Embedded systems are a substantial and growing market for Qt: the Internet of Things (IoT) brings intelligence to all devices people use on a daily basis, creating demand for easy-to-use graphic user interfaces, while the wide range of devices provides significant potential for platform-independent application development tools. These key technology trends together with the changes we have introduced to open source code licencing will drive our Qt licence sales in the automotive industry, household appliances and electronics,” says Juha Varelius, who started out as the President and CEO of Qt Group on 1 May 2016.

Qt operates in Finland, Norway, Germany, the USA, Russia, China, Japan and Korea. Qt had net sales of about EUR 27 million in 2015 and it has around 200 employees. The Board of Directors of Qt Group Plc consists of Robert Ingman, Matti Rossi, Leena Saarinen, Tommi Uhari and Kai Öistämö. The Chairman of the Board is Robert Ingman and the Vice Chairman is Tommi Uhari.

The demerger prospectus approved by the Financial Supervisory Authority has been available in Finnish on Digia’s Internet site as from 4 March 2016 at

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