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Discover how Qt helps you create connected devices, UIs & applications that run anywhere on any device, on any operating system at any time.

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Build powerful cross-platform applications with a modular C++ class library & professional IDE. Design UIs with C++ Qt Widgets or our declarative CSS & JavaScript-like UI language.

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Create embedded devices with stunning UIs & native performance that run on all major embedded operating systems and configurable for a variety of HW architectures.

Developer Story:

Panasonic Avionics: Inflight Entertainment Systems

Gary Towsend, Software Manager at Panasonic Avionics, describes how the company uses Qt to develop Inflight Entertainment systems that are experienced by over 5 million passengers every day. By using Qt (with C++ and QML), the developers at Panasonic Avionics are able to focus on the design and the usability of the interactive.

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