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Built with Qt

Crank Up the Volume with this Cross-Platform Real-Time Sound Reinforcement Control and Management System.


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Aurora Net boosts the management and monitoring of your sound reinforcement systems into overdrive. Control everything from audio level and temperature to inclination and tilt to optimize your sound setup. 

Rock & Roll Dreams Come True!

Call Aurora Net by dBTechnologies the unsung hero of your concert experience. Think of it when those bass lines make the butterflies in your stomach flutter or the trebles make you tremble with excitement.

Aurora Net puts the control of your sound system at your fingertips. Arrange each amp and control its sound individually and remotely via touch-based controls and perform complex operations through a very simple and intuitive interface.

Development challenges

  • Very efficient code requirements for real-time software on low-performance hardware
  • Cross-platform UI for both desktop and touchscreen device.

How Qt Helped

  • Qt's object-oriented and multithreading structure mixed with the efficiency of C++ guarantees the best performance.
  • The flexibility of Widgets and stylesheets simplified conforming with designer specifications.

Qt allowed us to achieve what the graphics architect designed with a minimum effort of time and code, thanks to the flexibility of style sheets and Widgets. At the same time, its object-oriented and multithreading structure, mixed with the efficiency of C++, guarantees the best performance ever. And at the top of it all, it’s completely CROSS-PLATFORM!

Alessandro Barbieri, Software and Firmware Engineer, dB Technologies

How dBTechnologies Increased their Gain(s) with Qt

From the outset, Aurora Net was designed to be something special: Every action can be performed with a single click or touch on any touch panel or mini PC. To this end, their software had to be built with scalability, extensibility, and the capability to adapt to different form factors in mind.

One of the challenges was to develop a user interface that would function for both PCs and touch-based platforms. Qt helped dBTechnologies recreate the graphic designer's proposal with a minimum of time and effort thanks to the flexibility and customization options of the style sheets and widgets.

Another challenge was to find the most efficient and reliable way to put a real-time system on low-performance hardware in place. The requirements should at the same time match current hardware specs, be easily adaptable to future platforms, but also ensure continued backward-compatibility with legacy products. Thanks to the efficiency of C++ and Qt's object-oriented and multithreading structure, dBTechnologies could achieve the best performance for their software compare to other frameworks.

dBTechnologies evaluated and compared different toolkits and frameworks, some of them specific to the audio world, in terms of documentation, performance and development time. They chose Qt because of the extensive amount of information found online that helped them to quickly solve problems. 

dBTechnologies designed a very unique interface, but thanks to the style sheets and widgets they turned out to be easy to develop.

Find more about Aurora Net here.

As soon as I started using Qt I felt comfortable: the ease of use of the toolkit, the vast documentation available, and the online support make this tool simply exceptional.

Dario Fortini, Software Engineer, dB Technologies

dBTechnologies operates in the professional audio equipment industry. Constant new materials and technologies, together with the ability to create unique design solutions, are the key ingredients for an ever-increasing market share and success. In January 2019, the brand was distributed in 160 countries worldwide, providing installation companies, rental companies, sound designers, and musicians with audio equipment combining top-quality sound performance with Made in Italy design.

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