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最新版Qt 6.3已正式发布。 了解更多。
最新バージョンQt 6.3がご利用いただけます。 詳細はこちら

Qt Creator 1.0 is out

... and not only that. Qt 4.5 was also released today. Hence we decided to bundle up both Qt and QtCreator together into a "Qt SDK" that contains everything you need to begin developing with Qt.

I can say that the new Qt SDK packages containing precompiled Qt and Qt Creator for the different platforms kept some of us quite busy in Berlin the last weeks :-). All of you who already tried the Qt Creator package on Windows know that we did this packaging already for this one platform, to avoid that people need to download and install mingw, and download and compile(!) Qt with mingw. But we learned that doing it for one platform is no(t so much a) preparation for doing it for all platforms and license variants:
Windows (OpenSource, Commercial, Evaluation),
Linux 32 bit (OpenSource, Commercial/Evaluation),
Linux 64 bit (OpenSource, Commercial/Evaluation),
Mac OS X (OpenSource, Commercial, Evaluation).

And we had no binary packages for Linux at all in the past...

But the result was worth the effort, every minute of it. Just go to the download page and see how it feels to get going with Qt 4.5 right away.

On the QtCreator side I'm happy to tell you that we got yet another new application icon, better following the style of the other Qt icons. I think we made the best out of it :D :

Qt Creator App Icon

And, of course, we made QtCreator available under the LGPL as well. Currently talks are going on with different packagers for Linux distributions, so hopefully you'll be able to just press a button in your Linux distribution to get the newest Creator. All packagers who happen to read this: Please contact us, we are usually hanging around on, #qt-creator channel!

If you already used the QtCreator release candidate don't expect too many differences - except for lots of bug fixes, crash fixes and so on. So please don't be angry if your feature request XYZ didn't make it into the final release. Especially since we are already hacking away for the next release, and this will not be far in the future. During the whole development time we had "release early, release often" prominent in our minds (in the very beginning doing internal releases), and this isn't gonna to change. Though I won't promise anything, we have something like 8 week cycles in our mind.

So just have a look at what is currently happening in QtCreator, either get the sources yourself from the open git repository (notice that you can get a .tar.gz source snapshot of the state at a certain point in time via the snapshot links), or download one of the binary snapshots we provide, which we will update to be based on the future-to-be-1.1-release.

As a last note, some of you who read Jason's blog might ask what this strange looking building in the background of the Berlin group picture is: No, it's not our offices. But it's next to our offices. We are lucky to work in a historically important area, which was always a place of great (and not so great) invention and science the last hundred years. The funny spheres were thermodynamic labs with constant conditions inside of them.

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