Keypad Navigation on Qt for S60

Nothing fancy, just an update of the Qt for S60 development :)

At the MWC this year, S60 developers were pleased when we showed them our nice Qt for S60 demos on the touch based XpressMusic 5800 devices. However, many of them where asking about the support for keypad devices. Therefore, here is a video showing the current development state (not included in the "Garden" release) of Qts Keypad Navigation on S60.

Note: It is work in progress and not yet complete. Also, it still needs to be polished by designers in order to look sweet :)

Download as .ogv (~3MB)

Edit: Here is a screenshot of selected (or 'ticked' as it is called in S60) items in a list view. They can be toggled with the select key. In this example, the SelectionMode is set to "QAbstractItemView::MultiSelection".

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