Qt Declarative UI SameGame

Here's a video of a game we've written with Qt Declarative UI:

This completely functional implementation of Same Game is 334 LOC, 127 lines of QML and 207 lines of simple Javascript for handling the game logic. Considering that it includes animated movement and visual effects, that seems rather impressive. But LOC is not a very well defined metric - if you really want to see just how simple Qt Declarative UI makes things then checkout the source from the kinetic repository on gitorious (the kinetic-declarativeui branch) and look for yourself . Don't worry, those 334 lines include some comments to help explain what's going on. This demo does have a lot of stuff packed into those lines though, including dynamic object creation and great potential for custom themes.

So have a look at the Qt Declarative UI branch if you want to play with this powerful and emerging technology - or just with the games we've implemented with it.

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