It’s Getting Colder!

Ern-ernAs the title suggest, winter is drawing near in the northern hemisphere and we have decided to preempt winter by freezing. Freezing our branch that is. After being under heavy development, Qt master will be branched to Qt 4.6 in less than a month from now - and we'll start hardening our APIs in preparation of a final release near the end of 2009.

So far, Qt has received and accepted over 75 contributions from fellow hackers in the Qt community to master. All of these changes will become part of the finished Qt 4.6 product and be distributed to a staggering amount of mobile handsets. You should all be very proud!

So, around this hairpin is where we all upshift and slam the gear into testing and bug-hunting overdrive. If you would like Qt 4.6 to be a kick-ass release, and you have some time and spirit to spare - please try out the new APIs, rip them to shreds, pluck out those bugs and submit your fixes (along with auto tests please) to It might be getting colder, but Qt's smokin' hot!