Updates from QtWebKit Land

I'll make this short and sweet and to the point :). Many things happened in the past few weeks in the land of the QtWebKit port:

  • Kenneth and Antonio landed the first version of QWebGraphicsItem, a simple class that mimics the QWebView API and makes it easy to embed WebKit into the GraphicsView. The API and class name are still subject to change, but we'd love to hear feedback and suggestions, especially from people who have implemented the same thing :)
  • Jocelyn submitted QWebInspector, a simple container that gives you control over embedding the web inspector into your application. The API is deliberately minimal to avoid exposing internals.
  • Tor Arne used his scripting skillz to migrate QtWebKit bugs from our internal company bug tracker into the public WebKit bugzilla. An important milestone towards a more transparent development process on our side.
  • Yongjun, Janne and Norbert keep on submitting Symbian porting fixes. RVCT builds and runs out of the trunk and WINSCW is very close.
  • We have updated the copy of WebKit in Qt 4.6 a few times and will continue to do so in the coming weeks towards the 4.6 release. Espen and Janne are also working on getting those WebKit and QtScript Symbian builds into the nightly Qt/S60 snapshots. UPDATE:The latest Qt/S60 nightly includes QtWebKit and QtScript now.

Generally speaking we're in bugfixing mode. We had to slip in the above few features, but we consider them the exception to the rule. Until 4.6 we'd like to hold off any other changes that affect the API, unless they are actually API bugs or the result of review of new 4.6 API.

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