Windows Mobile 6.5 support

I know that is quite silent about the Qt Windows CE port is the past, but be asured Qt for Windows CE has not been forgotten at all.
A lot of Windows CE bugs and issues have been fixed for Qt 4.6.

Some people might have noticed that a short while ago Windows Mobile 6.5 was released. Unfortunately this was a little bit to late to fully support officially Windows Mobile 6.5 in Qt 4.6.
But the good news are that we will have some support for Windows Mobile 6.5 in Qt 4.6 and will fully support it for Qt 4.7.

Qt 4.6 will contain mkspecs for Windows Mobile 6.5 and it also will contain support for the new style. This means that Qt 4.6 applications look native on Windows Mobile 6.5.
It is also worth mentioning that the new animation framework is fully supported on Windows CE, which allows some really nice effects. This means that Qt is really able to leverage the Windows Mobile experience to new heights or in more appropriate words (I am not a marketing guy.): Qt can help you to deliver astonishing applications for Windows Mobile.

Since screenshots tell more than words, here are some:


The famous Text Edit.


A styled Tab Widget.


The new List View highlight.

Digi Flip

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