This week (2) in QtWebKit trunk

Here's the weekly summary of the Qt related changes that landed in WebKit trunk this week:

  • Daniel and Robert added support for the XSS auditor to the Qt DRT (33419).
  • Simon removed unnecessary memory allocations of QPainterPath from WebCore::Path (33466).
  • Zoltan continued to make the world a subclass of FastMallocBase.
  • Diego fixed support for user stylesheet locations in the Qt DRT (33617).
  • Andreas fixed the scrolling performance on pages with embedded widgets (33373).
  • Jocelyn reworked the qmake based build system to separate the generated files from the regular build, fixing longstanding dependency issues (33542).
  • Diego added a missing implementation of fileSystemPath() to the Qt build of KURL (33614).
  • Jakub fixed a bug with XSL stylesheet loading.
  • Ben fixed support for touch events in document.createEvent() (33605) as well as the detection of touch events as user gestures (33597).
  • Kim fixed support for touch event coordinates in zoomed and scrolled pages (32899).
  • Petri fixed an incorrect touch layout test (33465).
  • The Szeged hackers continue to rock our world by keeping the bot green green green!

That's all for this week, folks :). If I have missed anything or you'd like to mention something in the next digest, please send me an email.

BTW, if you'd like to join the development, please subscribe to the webkit-dev and the webkit-qt mailing lists. You can also join our weekly meeting point on IRC in #qtwebkit on freenode every Monday at 15:00. There's no fixed agenda, but instead there's a good chance that most developers will be around, if you're looking for code reviews, etc. in a particular area. See you there!

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