This week (3) in QtWebKit trunk

This week has been a very busy week! Here's a list of the landed changes that affect the Qt port, in chronological order:

  • Tor Arne has ported the Qt build of DumpRenderTree to run on Windows. (r53526, r53543).
  • Luiz continued with cleaning up the combobox popup handling.(33418).
  • Ben from the Google Team fixed a bug where touch events weren't sent to iframes (33894).
  • No'am landed support in the Qt bindings that allows passing pixmaps and images as arguments in signals/slots/properties, which can then easily be turned into image elements or data urls. (32461).
  • Benjamin cleaned up the QWebPage autotest (32216).
  • On Thursday we landed No'am's implementation of GraphicsLayer. This accelerates the composition of layers with animated opacity or transform attributes, through content caching in pixmaps. Layers are mapped to QGraphicsItems with enabled CacheMode and the animation is driven by the Qt Animation Framework.The feature is disabled by default currently as it's not stable yet, but it's a fantastic start! (33514).
  • Diego continued implementing missing functions in the Qt DRT (33945).
  • Jakub fixed a crash with video elements and phonon (33842).
  • Girish fixed a bug with combobox popups in transformed QGraphicsWebViews (r53703, 33887).
  • Robert fixed 5 layout tests by fixing support for window.close() and window.closed() in the Qt DRT (32953).
  • Kent fixed bugs with Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor (33948, 33946).

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