Last week (4) in QtWebKit trunk


Here's the weekly summary of Qt related changes to WebKit trunk. Big changes include Yael's patch for WebSockets support, the beginnings of QtScript on top of JavaScriptCore's C API, Maemo 5 tweaks and layout test fixes:

  • Janne added the necessary meta-data to make QtWebKit play nicely with Symbian backups (34077).
  • I did some code cleanups in RenderThemeQt and fixed a bug with combo boxes not showing up in Maemo5 (34088).
  • Holger fixed a regression in the JavaScript prompt handling (30914).
  • Jedrzej landed the first files for building QtScript on top of JavaScriptCore's C API (32565).
  • Diego added history support to the Qt DRT, we now pass the http/tests/history layout tests! (34167)
  • Daniel fixed a bug with the height of button elements (29564).
  • Kent fixed support for ES5 style introspection with QMetaObject methods (34087).
  • Yael implemented the Qt part of WebSocket support, we now pass websocket/tests in the layout tests (34180).
  • Diego fixed more worker layout tests by adding support for counting worker threads in the Qt DRT (34221).
  • Holger found a neat way to speed up the conversion from KURL to QUrl (33873).
  • Trond fixed an endless loop in QWebPage printing (r53997).
  • Kenneth fixed incorrect fonts on comboboxes on Maemo5 and Symbian (r53999).
  • Andreas upstreamed Ralf and Robert's kinetic scrolling support for QWebView using QAbstractKineticScroller (34267).
  • Benjamin implemented support for the display() method in the Qt DRT (34258).
  • Oswald speed up the conversion between WebCore::String and QString by avoiding QString::fromUtf16() (r54060).
  • Kenneth landed a patch to disable auto-uppercasing and text prediction for password input fields (r54064).
  • Kenneth also continued to clean up the QtLauncher for a future merge with QGVLauncher
  • Andreas and Kenneth submitted tweaks to the look'n'feel of QtLauncher on Maemo5.

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