Last week (6) in QtWebKit trunk

This week's highlights include bugfixes, performance improvements and much improved layout test coverage :)

  • Noam fixed bugs with the GraphicsLayerQt implementation used for accelerated compositing during animations (34681, 34761).
  • Yael implemented support for window.showModalDialog (25585, 34755).
  • Jedrzej continued on improving and completing QScriptValue (34575, 34592, 34749, 34793).
  • Diego implemented pageNumberForElementById() in the Qt DRT, which makes us pass 10 more layout tests (34777)!
  • Ariya (welcome back on webkit hacking!) implemented a mapping from image interpolation quality to QPixmap transform types 34629). Sometimes WebKit can determine that a faster but lower quality scaling algorithm may be used for drawing images, and that's now passed down to QPainter.
  • Afterwards he continued on speeding up clipping operatings by using a faster method with QPainter to determine the combined clip region (32375). Also we use a few less cycles in constructing QBrush objects by re-using an existing object when setting the stroke color (34874).
  • On Friday Diego implemented LayoutTestController::dumpFrameLoadCallbacks() in the Qt Drt, adding another 9 more new passing tests (34702).
  • Chang re-enabled support for the app cache in the Qt DRT, adding 33 more passing tests out of 43 (34713).
  • In QtLauncher it's now possible to toggle the use of QGraphicsView as well as accelerated compositing via the menu at run-time (34844, r54654).
  • Janne found a workaround for a bug with isNan on Symbian (34170).

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