This week (9) in QtWebKit trunk

It's been a more quiet week. Here are the highlights:

  • Robert implemented support for private browsing in PluginViewQt (33180).
  • Jedrzej continued upstreaming QtScript API and bug fixing in it (34843, 34850, 35387).
  • Andreas hooked up QNetworkReplyHandler to Qt 4.7's support for the HTTP OPTION verb (34647).
  • Jarkko, Nicholas, Kim and Noam fixed various bugs in the MediaElement backend, the accelerated compositing support and WebGL to Qt mapping.
  • Diego continued improving layout test coverave with the Qt DRT (35694, 35255).
  • Holger tweaked performance by avoiding unnecessary calls to QFont::detach (35569).
  • Jocelyn and Tor Arne fixes various issues with the build system (forwarding headers, shadow builds without build-webkit but only qmake)

In addtion we have now a weekly build and we've started another round of API review.

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