Last two weeks (13, 14) in QtWebKit trunk

This week's digest of the trunk changes is a mixture between features and bug fixes:

  • Yael continued working on the HTML 5 progress element (36206, 36664).
  • Robert fixed bug that makes it now possible to embed application specific plugins (x-qt-plugin) while NPAPI plugins are disabled (32196).
  • Kim fixed bugs in the Qt side of accelerated compositing (36589).
  • Jedrzej added the missing implementation of QScriptEngine::globalObject() (36603).
  • Kent implemented QScriptEngine::reportAdditionalMemoryCost on top of the JSC C API (36650).
  • Kenneth extended the frame flattening feature with support for iframes (36662, 36798).
  • Dawit fixed a bug where a HTTP response with content-disposition set to attachment was not treated as a download (36395).
  • Luiz has been working on the Maemo 5 styling/themeing (36790, 36370) and multiple selection popups (36789, 36369).
  • Joe fixed a bug in QGraphicsWebView that prevented the input method panel from showing up (35259). He also fixed a crash when input methods provided formatted text (36870).
  • Tasuku fixed the build with different feature combinations of Qt/Embedded (36533).
  • Robert fixed an infinite loop with redirections in QNetworkReplyHandler (37097).
  • Diego added a QTWEBKIT_VERSION define to make it possible for application to detect the QtWebKit version (36538).
  • Andreas fixed a crash with QWidget plugins and resource requests (29450).
  • Antonio fixed a regression with QWebFrame::setScrollbarPolicy (29431).
  • Andras fixed a bug where the embedded stylesheets were corrupted (37296).

The vast majority of these changes plus more fixes have also been cherry-picked into the 2.0 release branch, 46 bug fixes in total since week 12.

This week's weekly build also just finished and you can find it in the usual location in the wiki:

Next week a bunch of us will be at the WebKit contributor's conference, so it's likely that there won't be a weekly build and summary next week.

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