PR 1.2 firmware for the N900 released with Qt 4.6.2

After a few delays, the PR 1.2 firmware for the N900 is finally released with Qt 4.6.2 shipping by default (see for all PR 1.2 related info). This means that all the apps that up until now only ran in the SDK can finally be deployed to real devices :)

The final Qt packages have the version tag 4.6.2~git20100401-0maemo1+0m5 (no April Fool's, despite the date).

Some useful information:

What's next

If you follow the git repository, you can see that we're working full-steam on Qt 4.7 for Maemo 5. Experimental packages will appear soon in the extras-devel repository.


4.7 packages are now in Maemo's extras-devel repository. In the Scratchbox based SDK, type apt-get install libqt4-experimental-dev to get the libs and headers.

Happy app creation :)

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