There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

It is time!

Lighthouse is getting into a usable state, and we are reasonably confident in the overall design, even though there will probably be several rounds of API tweaks still to come. Therefore, we have decided to start the review process to get Lighthouse integrated into the Qt master branch. This is the branch that is going to be Qt 4.8. I want to stress that Lighthouse is not listed on the roadmap as a commited feature for 4.8, but if we survive the review round and get integrated, it will be hard to remove it later. Hence the title: there's a very good chance of Lighthouse shining forever. :)

Practicalities: I have created merge request #842 for the commenting/review features in gitorious. However, the eventual merge will not be done through the merge request mechanism: We will merge internally between the development branches.

[Update: note that this is a large merge request, and all the 140832 lines of commit diffs may not show up in your browser.]

To celebrate, I'll add another lighthouse picture I took on midsummer eve:


In other news: first price in the "Guess what QPA stands for" competition goes to Volker (who just happens to be my boss...) His entry was: Qt Platform Abstraction.

Honorable mentions: everyone who speaks Polish ;)

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