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Qt 4.7 now being deployed to Nokia N900s

Nokia N900

Nokia N900 owners rejoice – a new software update is available for N900, and it puts Qt 4.7 on your device.

Today's N900 update has lots of goodness in it, including some fixes, better Ovi suite integration, Ovi music store access for N900, better app support, and performance improvements.

Most important from our perspective though is the fact that it puts Qt 4.7 on the device. Having Qt 4.7 inside the Nokia N900 means that QML applications can now run on these devices (providing the device has up to date software).

It’s the first official Qt 4.7 deployment to a Nokia platform. To get the update, just get on a WLAN (you can download it via your mobile data connection, but it is quite a large file, so WLAN is best) go to the application manager on your device and download the Maemo 5 update.

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