A couple of top fives from CES

Press activity in the Qt booth

CES is still going strong, but I have seen things that have caught my eye already. So in the name of being original and doing something that has never been done before, here are a few top fives.

Five observations on Qt at CES so far

1. Qt and MeeGo are a versatile and very promising combination (including outside the smartphone segment) and there are some great demos showing this. More to come on that tomorrow.

2. Qt continues to gain momentum in consumer products. It's noticeable that we have lots more examples of ‘shipping products’ in our meeting room this year.

3. This show has been our best CES yet for positive meetings with some exciting companies, customers and prospects: Lots of meetings, lots of good outcomes.

4. Qt impact in the US is seeming to pick up. Example = Slacker Radio is coming to Symbian next month, thanks to Qt

5. 2011 is going to be a really really big year for Qt.

My personal favourite* five CES booths so far - must visit if you are at CES


1. Audi . Beautiful modern booth, great products and an electric Audi R8 so nice you literally can’t take your eyes off it.

Hidden credit card

2. Dynamics Digital Credit Card. One of the coolest products I have seen at CES

3. Isotoners – I love the idea of capacitive gloves (I think it is because I live in Norway).  They do what the name suggests – allow you to use your touchscreen phone without taking your gloves off. I was impressed at how well these worked..

Use your Nokia N8 in the cold!

4. Gibson – they let you play their beautiful guitars, then they do demos with people who can actually play them properly


5. Skullcandy headphones – you have to admire a booth that can successfully combine rapping, sweatband throwing, DJing and mini badge/sticker giveaways. The last thing I heard as I walked from their area was a DJ saying to a large crowd that was spilling out into the walkways ‘CES just shut us down! Boooo!!!’

Special mention – the AR Drone quadcopter. That thing is cool. The sooner my N8 can control it the better (I am pleased to see that an N900 control system has been created

Another big day tomorrow. We had some video crews through today, so keep an eye out for our demos when you are watching reports from the show. You never know what you might see!

*Personal opinion only. No bribes were offered or taken by the companies on this list :)

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