A Whole Lot of Qt @ Embedded World 2011

There was an explosion of visitors at the Qt booth at Embedded World 2011. I was meant to write this blog a couple of days ago, but I was perturbed by the crazy traffic at our booth. Don't get me wrong - we loved the traffic. It was awesome to see so many developers' faces light up when they not only saw our jolly green Qt booth, but also after they got a demo of Qt Creator 2.1 including Qt Quick final.
Way to time our releases!

Qt had a mighty presence at the largest embedded show in the world with various demos showcasing how nifty Qt is for embedded development. Our partners were kind enough to support us at the show with an arsenal of eye-candy demos:

  • Touchscreen weaving machine control panel developed by KDAB
  • NFC demo developed with Qt Quick for the manufacturing industry by Digia
  • 3D PLC demos developed with Qt Quick by e-GITS
  • MeeGo In-vehicle Infotainment demo developed with Qt Quick by ICS

Also, we were very pleased to be able to have a Qt in automotive demo running on INTEGRITY developed with Qt Quick. Thanks to our friends at Green Hills Software for working with us on this implementation.

We also had the pretty neat Qt Ambassador recipe machine, Qooq, on display running on Embedded Linux. Plus, various shipped products displaying a Qt-built UI such as the HP Envy printer.

But, Qt wasn't only present at our booth. As we perused the various show halls, we saw Qt in use everywhere. Here are a few:

  • The folks at the jumbo Windows Embedded booth had a remote diagnostic rugged device developed by Ultratronik on Windows Embedded CE with Qt. Yep, give that one some thought.
  • Qt on INTEGRITY for automotive wasn't the only RTOS Qt was running on. At their booth, Green Hills, also had Qt running on INTEGRITY in a train control system. QNX used Qt for the UI of their medical device reference design running on an I.MX51.
  • At the Intel booth, a Malaysian company Silkron, had a soda vending machine showcasing a Qt-ified UI all built with QML. We'll be posting a neat video of that one soon

All in all, a great 3-day show for Qt at Embedded World 2011. Enjoy the pics!

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