Qt SDK 1.1 and Qt 4.7.3 libraries released. Qt Developer Days Munich announced.

I’m pleased to say that today the Qt team has reached another important milestone. The Qt SDK 1.1 for desktop, as well as mobile, development is now available for download. Using the Qt SDK you benefit from the Qt Creator IDE as a starting point for your development and you can also speed up your development – especially for touch-screens - with Qt Quick.

During installation of the Qt SDK, you select the packages you need. In addition you will receive notification when new features and quality updates are available i.e. Qt Creator and / or new targets. No need to make special upgrades or extra downloads.

What is in the Qt SDK 1.1?

  • Qt 4.7.3 for desktop, Qt 4.7.3 for Symbian and Qt 4.7.0 for Maemo/N900
  • Qt Creator 2.1,
  • Qt Mobility 1.1.3
  • Qt simulator
  • Remote compiler supporting Linux and Mac for Nokia supported platforms
  • Symbian toolchain
  • Madde toolchain for N900


Get your Qt apps into Ovi Store
Nokia’s application store, Ovi Store, is now accepting applications created with Qt Quick as part of the Qt SDK 1.1. Ovi Store currently serves up more than 5 million downloads per day, and we have seen evidence of Qt applications gaining strong uptake in Ovi Store. So now, in addition to using Qt for desktop or embedded development you can target more than 100 million Nokia devices (75 million of which are touch devices) and earn some extra money and fame with your Qt knowledge. The included Remote Compiler allows you compile your project for all Nokia supported platforms, also from Linux and Mac development environments. In addition, some exciting new Symbian devices (and a MeeGo device) are in the pipeline - meaning Qt developers targeting mobile stand to benefit from these up-coming Nokia device volumes.

(UPDATE - Flowd and Xenozu YouTube Player are two good examples of Qt Quick apps that were recently published in Ovi Store)

Nokia CEO visit and Qt 5.0
Late last week Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Executive Vice President Head of Mobile Phones Mary McDowell visited us in Oslo. In addition to holding an engaging session with the entire Oslo team, they both showed a keen interest in what we have in the pipeline for the years to come, our plans for Qt 5.0 and in the quality contributions we are receiving from the Qt community especially within embedded development.

While change and transformation is occurring within Nokia, it is important to stress that this doesn’t equate to a reduced investment in Qt. There is a continued investment in Qt and the Qt ecosystem. Our longer term plans for Qt 5.0 will soon be open for feedback. By becoming an active contributor you increase your possibility to influence and prepare Qt for the future. The contributor summit in Berlin in June will be a great opportunity to go into more details on this, and on Qt open governance.

Save the date - Qt Developer days – October 24th-26th- in Munich

I’m pleased to announce that for the eighth consecutive year we plan to offer sessions by our Qt developers and Qt partners to 1000+ Qt developers at Qt Developer Days Munich. In addition, we aim to make our core developer event in China larger than ever before and will also offer comprehensive Qt seminars and events in other big Qt markets such as Russia, Brazil and India following Qt Developer Days . Join us – We really like meeting you – We will soon come with more information.

Daniel Kihlberg
Director Qt Ecosystem – Qt Sales, Marketing and Services

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