QtWebKit 2.2 technical preview available!

Hi QtWebKittens and other friends!

Now it's for real: QtWebKit-2.2 has been tagged as TP-1 (qtwebkit-2.2-tp1 @ http://gitorious.org/+qtwebkit-developers/webkit/qtwebkit).

This is our first official TP of QtWebKit-2.2. It's a new, fresh branch from WebKit trunk and includes a large number of new features, enhancements and fixes when compared to both QtWebKit-2.0 (Qt-4.7) and QtWebKit-2.1.x. QtWebKit-2.2 will be supported on all major desktop and mobile platforms and will be part of the next Qt official release and Qt-SDK.

This tag has passed through basic tests (build + navigation on a few websites) on Linux Desktop, Linux Embedded, Windows XP (32), Windows 7 (32) and OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard.) We strongly encourage everybody who is interested in QtWebKit to clone the repository and run tests on their environments, reporting any issue on this mailing list, IRC or bugzilla.

Information about the QtWebKit-2.2 release, including a roadmap, build instructions and misc links are on the release wiki: http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/QtWebKitRelease22 (wiki edits are welcome.)

We don't have pre-built binaries at this moment. If you're a packager and are able to prepare packages for your favorite Linux distribution or Windows flavor, please consider sharing them with us. :-)

Happy hacking and happy testing!

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