QtWebKit 2.1.1 released

The following post is written by a guest blogger: Ademar de Souza Reis Jr, Release Manager at the Nokia Institute of Technology

The 2.1.1 version of QtWebKit, the first update on the 2.1 series, was released last week (the tag was made on the May 24th). It can be downloaded in source code form via gitorious and should be made available on selected Nokia devices in the coming months.

The main highlight of QtWebKit 2.1.1 is basic support for HTML5 video/audio on mobile platforms, as well as several bugfixes. For a detailed list of changes, please check the QtWebKit-2.1.1 release notes. The project wiki has build instructions and other useful resources as well.

Although Linux is a core development and validation platform of QtWebKit, the QtWebKit-2.1.1 release is only officially supported  on Nokia mobile platforms. Desktop users are recommended to wait for QtWebKit-2.2, which will be a standard release supporting all Qt platforms.

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