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最新版Qt 6.3已正式发布。 了解更多。
最新バージョンQt 6.3がご利用いただけます。 詳細はこちら

Qt Creator 2.4.0 beta released

We are happy to announce that we have - right in time for the Qt DevDays - published a beta update to your (hopefully) number one Qt IDE today: The Qt Creator 2.4 beta.

The release contains a great number of smaller and bigger improvements and new features, that, combined, will make you want to not go back :)

For me personally the most awesome feature & improvement is definitely the new "synchronize declaration & definition" quick fix, which helps you to do exactly that: Whenever you change a method declaration or definition Qt Creator tries to find its counterpart in your sources and headers. If it finds the counterpart you have to option to apply a quick fix (denoted by a little light bulb and invokable also with the Alt+Return shortcut) that will make the counterpart match the changes you did to the method.
Together with the improvements to the "insert definition from declaration" quick fix (it will now minimize the names by e.g. throwing away unnecessary namespaces, and find a much more suitable spot in the code), this is a real productivity boost when writing C++ code.

Semantic highlighting in QML

The QML editor also got lots of news, so for example a real "Rename usages" functionality and semantic highlighting. Additionally the coding style options, both for C++ and QML got redesigned to be saved as "schemes", so it is easy now to re-use coding style settings in different projects, and also to share them. You can read more about these editor improvements in Christian's blog post.

I'll just mention a few of the other things before pointing you to the actual download links and urging you to try it out for yourself:

  • There have been lots of QML debugging bugs fixed, especially for mixed QML/C++ debugging
  • Even the preferences dialog should fit nicely onto a netbook now ;)
  • The "advanced search" got a UI overhaul and you can access your most recent searches now
  • Much more!

Finally, a few words of advice:

  • If you don't find the Qt Versions settings, they, the Tool Chains and Projects settings have been merged into a single category "Build & Run"

The packages are as usual on our Qt Creator downloads page.

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