Qt Support Weekly Holiday 2011 Special: Qt 4.8.0 Build Issues

I know earlier this week I said it would be the last post of the year, but a couple of Qt 4.8.0 build issues have come up and as an extra support weekly post before the holidays I thought it would be good to give the details of the build issues and the fixes for them. That way if any of you have problems with building Qt 4.8.0 that we are aware of then it is easy to get hold of the fix.


First up is Windows. If you configure Qt with the -ltcg option, then you will probably hit a problem with linking QtWebKit due to it being too big for the linker to cope.  To fix this you can apply the patch that is here


Also, there is a problem with the lack of Perl causing configure not to run on Windows. If you don't have Perl installed, then it is not able to run the syncqt script which copies the include files into the right places.  This is not a strict requirement because if you use the packages available from the customer portal then it will have the include files in the default location already for you.  However, if you want to do a shadow build, then you need to have Perl installed.


If you don't want to do shadow building, then all you need to do is rename the file syncqt, which is in qtbin, to something else and then configure and it will carry on without a problem.


And finally on Mac, there is an issue that although is not a build issue per se it is related to the build where it will not compile in the qnetworkproxy_mac.cpp file.  Therefore,  it will not have any system proxy support available on Mac.  To fix this issue you can apply the patch that is here


Once again, I hope you all have a happy holiday period from all of us in the Qt Commercial Support team.