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Qt Data Visualization 1.1 and Charts 1.4 released

We’re happy to announce that we have now released the Qt Enterprise Data Visualization 1.1 and Charts 1.4 add-ons. Both of these contain improvements and new features based on customer requests.


Data Visualization new features & functionality

  • Custom 3D objects and labels can be drawn in graphs to draw attention to certain areas or illustrate data relation to physical objects
  • Axis labels can be used to interact with the graph. For example, data scrolling can be implemented with dragging of axis labels
  • Graph aspect ratio can be defined
  • Logarithmic axis is supported
  • Graph can be rendered to an image
  • Axis titles have been added
  • Axis labels can be defined to automatically orient themselves towards the camera so that labels are easier to read from different angles
  • Graph can be drawn with orthographic projection
  • Possibility to select different graph elements (axis labels and custom items) has been added
  • Regular expressions can be used to split data between rows and columns in item model data proxies (e.g. splitting time and date from time stamps)
  • Sum and average functions have been also added for handling multiple matching values in item models


One of the most frequently asked questions related to Data Visualization has been how much data points can you draw. Of course the answer to this question depends heavily on the use case and level of Hardware Acceleration and OpenGL drivers. We have made several optimizations to facilitate different use cases, especially those with larger data sets. Performance optimizations include:

  • Optimizations to data caching when only a part of the data changes.
  • Introducing new experimental optimization hint: QAbstract3DGraph::OptimizationStatic for Scatter graph. Using this optimization flag causes the entire data set be treated as a single object, significantly improving rendering speed. It is ideal for large non-changing scatter graphs.

We have also changed the way drawing speed measurement is enabled to make it easier to test the performance. Drawing speed can be now measured by simply enabling QAbstract3DGraph::measureFps property.  Also please see Qt Weekly blog post: Qt Data Visualization tips & tricks for details about performance optimization.

For details of the functionality and usage examples please refer to the product documentation available at

Charts improvements

Charts 1.4.0 release is mainly a quality improvement release containing 24 changes in total.

New features include:

  • Series values of the bars and line series points can be now shown on top of the bar and point
  • An image can be now used in drawing the scatter points also from QML Charts API
  • Category axis clear function can be also used from QML API

For detailed list of changes please see the README file included in the source package of Qt Charts. Charts documentation is available at


Both Data Visualization and Charts are included in the Qt Enterprise license, so they are free to use by all our licensees. You can test out the Data Visualization and Charts by downloading a 30-day free evaluationQt Enterprise customers can download binaries and source code through the Package Manager in Maintenance Tool or the Online installer. Modules can be found under Qt Enterprise Add-Ons in the package manager. Source packages are also available in Qt Account Downloads.

As always, the Qt Data Visualization and Charts are fully covered by our standard support. If you have any issues using them or want to share ideas for further development, just contact our support team through the Qt Account Support Center.