You’ll Kick Yourself if You Miss the Qt World Summit Call for Papers

It is time to submit all those talks you have been thinking about! We are looking for compelling content from Qt users, customers, partners and industry analysts. Introductory talks are great when the audience is new to a subject, but beware of providing sessions that are too basic when the technology has been around for a while and there are lots of tutorials already available on the web. Also, there will be dedicated business tracks where participants are looking forward to learning how industry leaders like yourself have used Qt to create their future-proof products.

Approved speakers will receive the following benefits:

  • As a speaker, you get free access to Qt World Summit. It’s a great opportunity to spread your mindshare and have a community of industry leaders and important software developers hear your message.
  • Exposure to thousands of developers from leading enterprises across the world. We are filming the presentations, so talking at the Qt World Summit will give you an audience much wider than just the crowd in Berlin.
  • We will share your contact and professional details on the Qt World Summit web pages, giving you a large platform to network with anyone interested in your expertise or offering.

For details about the conference themes and call for papers guidelines , visit the website.

The Qt World Summit Call for Papers is closing on May 22, 2015.

[Update] Extended deadline: May 31, 2015

Thinking about becoming a Qt World Summit sponsor? Please contact us.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to Qt World Summit. We look forward to seeing you there!


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