1st Wiki Week is now over

The first ever Wiki Week on the Qt Wiki is now over, and we did over 600 edits during it. 20 new pages were created and even more moved to the 'delete' category.

Overall the Qt Wiki is in a good shape, but there are things that needed fixing. The structure needed some updating, and still does. It was worked on, and to me the front page looks cleaner now.

The type of content we have in the Qt Wiki varies from code examples to official release team announcements, so keeping all the information in line requires some thinking and work. Especially with  the history we have, after all Qt just turned 20! Having old code examples in the wiki isn't good practice, and we need to make sure that old code is marked with the proper Qt version.

Our visiting statistics show that  people come to the wiki looking for official information like release dates and QtCreator guidance. These are areas that we need to keep clearly visible and easy to find. The main page changes moved release information to a more prominent status, which should help our visitors find what they are looking for.

There was a discussion on the way the Qt Wiki is translated, where I promised to take a look whether the way Wikipedia does their translations would work for us. The Qt Wiki does not provide automatic translations to multiple languages, but we do have a lot of HowTo-articles that users have translated to local languages, making those easy to find from the main structure is important.

During the week one user was above everyone else in edits, Wieland spent a lot of time cleaning the language versions of the Wiki. A big thank you for that!

Also JKSH, Julienw and SGaist were active during the week. A thank you to them as well, and everyone else who worked on the wiki during last week!

To me the Wiki Week was a success that we should do more often. Maybe twice a year would be good, so it would be in line with the Qt release cycle.

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