Improvements to Commercial Qt Downloads in China

We have changed to a new Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the download of commercial packages and evaluations in China. The new provider will offer better download speed and reliability, especially when using the online installer.

Earlier we have had some issues with the download of commercial packages inside the People's Republic of China. Especially problematic has been that some online installer downloads have been failing. With the new provider we have improved download speed and reliability. Open-source downloads of Qt are unaffected by this change.

The new system is already in production for the online installer. Later in August we plan to also use it for offline packages downloaded via the Qt Account. Downloads outside China are unaffected and continue to use the same CDN as earlier. However, when the download request is detected as coming from China, we now transfer the connection to the new Chinese CDN system.

If you experience any issues downloading, please contact us via the Qt Support Center inside the Qt Account portal.

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