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Embedded Devices with Qt and the INTEGRITY RTOS

The Green Hills INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is widely used in safety- and security-critical systems. Work has been ongoing for already some time to get Qt 5 running on INTEGRITY, and now we are delighted to show a proof-of-concept port of Qt 5.7 on top of INTEGRITY.

Qt 4.8 support has been available for a long time on the INTEGRITY RTOS. We are now pleased to announce that a proof-of-concept port of Qt 5.7 to INTEGRITY has been completed by Green Hills engineers. During the work, we tested the port on all major embedded HW platforms, including ones that have OpenGL ES support available. Work continues together with The Qt Company and the Qt ecosystem and thanks to this initial prototype, the upcoming Qt 5.9 is expected to contain INTEGRITY support.

In the automotive space where both Qt and the INTEGRITY RTOS are already present, this allows for additional synergies where Qt can be used in conjunction with INTEGRITY on both infotainment systems as well as instrument clusters. Especially in automotive instrument clusters as well as in other safety critical systems the certified RTOS is a vital building block.

In the prototype Qt integration we built all the basic libraries one expects: Core, Network, Gui, Svg, XmlPatterns, ImageFormats, Widgets. Applications can also take advantage of the more modern part of the framework, including Qt Quick 2, Qt Quick Controls 2, and Qt 3D.

The following video presents a Qt cluster running on the proof-of-concept port of Qt 5.7 on INTEGRITY 11.4.4 on NXP i.MX6.


The proof-of-concept port has been so far been used on NXP i.MX6, Intel Apollo Lake, TI Sitara and Jacinto 6. Other platforms like Renesas R-Car H3 are expected to come very soon too. We are also strongly cooperating with partners from the Qt ecosystem who can help customers get to production faster with the integrated solution.

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