Commercial LTS Qt 5.15.14 Released

We have released Qt 5.15.14 LTS for commercial license holders today. As a patch release, Qt 5.15.14 does not add any new functionality but provides bug fixes and other improvements.

Qt 5.15.14 is the last patch release during the standard Qt 5.15 Long-Term Support (LTS) phase that ends on 26th May 2023. The subsequent two years of patch releases will only be available to subscription license holders. For more information, see the May 26th, 2023: Qt 5.15 Standard Support for Legacy License Holders Ends Today and Extended lifetime for Qt 5.15 blog posts.

Note! If you like to get information about Qt Commercial LTS releases via email, please join the Qt's Announce mailing list.

Fixed Bugs and Important Changes

Compared to Qt 5.15.13, Qt 5.15.14 contains about 80 bug fixes and security updates. The list of fixes and the overview of all important changes in Qt 5.15.14 can be found in the release note. It is available via Qt Account: in Downloads, select Product: Qt and Version: 5.15.14.

Getting Qt 5.15.14

Holders of the valid commercial license can add Qt 5.15.14 to the existing online installation by using the maintenance tool or do a clean installation by using the Qt Online Installer. Offline installers are available in the Qt Account download area.

Accessing Sources

If you want to access the source code repository, it can be done via the Code Review system. Just log in with a Qt Account that has a valid commercial license, and you will be able to access the LTS repositories. For more details, please check the instructions for accessing the commercial LTS repositories.

Building with Yocto

Qt for Device Creation images are available for Qt 5.15.14 LTS. If you want to build yourself with Yocto, set up Gerrit and use the meta-qt5 layer from the Qt repository. We have updated the Yocto meta-qt5 layer of Qt 5.15.14 to point to the commercial LTS repositories. For more details, please check the instructions on using yocto with access to the commercial LTS repositories.


If you have any problems with the commercial LTS releases, please contact Qt Support. You can also create bugs to, but in addition, it is recommended to notify the support team about it.


The next commercial-only LTS patch release Qt 5.15.15 is planned to be released at the beginning of July 2023.


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