Explore the New Features of Qt Insight 1.6

Discover the latest enhancements and features of Qt Insight 1.6, a powerful tool for software analytics.

New Features 

Qt Insight 1.6 introduces two new features. It is now possible to search and filter events in Event Log. You may type part of the event name and all matching events will be found. No wildcards are needed. Filtering provides you with the same meters as in any other view. You may, for example, study only events matching a selected screen resolution.


Searching and filtering events 


The other new feature allows organization administrators to block receiving events per token. This is useful to save the capacity in the event storage for relevant organizations only ignoring, for example, devices, where sufficient data tracking has been already done.


Token-based event presentation

Other Improvements 

In addition to new features, we have implemented a variety of other improvements in the 1.6 release:

  • Number localization: enhanced support for number localization
  • Organization Usage UI: Enjoy a fresh look and feel for organization usage
  • Help Page: Update content for Export Data and Event Log on the new help page
  • Funnels Revamp: Create funnels using any screen from Click interaction


Create funnels using any screen 


Qt Insight 1.6 release also comes with improved quality. We have fixed several found bugs: 

  • Resolve issues with funnel data display.
  • Fix organization usage data inconsistencies.
  • Fix Userflow sankey chart displaying.
  • Report publishing now functions correctly.

Try it out!

Qt Insight is available for both Qt open-source and commercial users for free for 60 days. Please use the Qt Insight Getting Started link to start your journey into Qt Insight.

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