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最新バージョンQt6.5がご利用いただけます。 詳細はこちら

FIXED: Opensource installations currently facing problems

Update 1.8.2023: The issues have now been resolved.

We are currently facing issues with opensource installations of Qt. Root cause is a bug in the latest installer. We are working on fixing the issue and there are a few ways to work around it.

Newest installer 4.6.0 is facing problems with open-source installations. Reason for that is that online installer does not use mirrors correctly which is causing extra traffic to our master download server. At the moment there are many downloads because of the new Qt Creator 11 and Qt 6.5.2 releases and therefore installations for open source users are really slow.

Users can workaround the issue by setting the --mirror -parameter to online installer. Instructions how to do that is at "Selecting mirror for opensource". The list of available mirrors can be found at the https://download.qt.io/static/mirrorlist/

Also specially with Qt 6.5.x installations there are problems when using mirrors and the installation process is not completed. More about this bug is at QTBUG-115313. In that case, you can use the older version of the installer (4.5.2), which is not affected by this bug. Online installer 4.5.x are available at https://download.qt.io/archive/online_installers/4.5/.

We are working on fixing the bug in the installer and improving the amount of mirrors with the latest release content. In addition, we have asked our service provider to increase the bandwidth of the master download server.  This problem is not concerning any commercial Qt users.