Qt 3D Studio 2.5 released

We are happy to announce that the Qt 3D Studio 2.5 is now available via the online offline installers. For description about the new features please refer to the 2.5 Beta release blog post. For detailed information about the Qt 3D Studio, visit the online documentation page.

New features

  • Bezier Animations - Previously it has been possible to only define the Ease In/Out smoothing for keyframes but now it is also possible to define animations by using bezier curves which gives you much more control of the animation and interpolation.
  • Stereoscopic rendering - Stereoscopic rendering support has been added to the Qt 3D Studio OpenGL runtime.
  • More control over content loading - Several new properties have been introduced for controlling how Qt 3D Studio content is loaded during the application startup. This enables optimizing the startup time and memory usage.
  • Better support for merging presentation files - Changes in the presentation file object ID management makes it easier to use version control system merging functionality.
  • Autodesk Maya export plugin - The plugin enables exporting the 3D scenes with correct export settings and generates additional information which makes it easier import the Maya scenes to Qt 3D Studio



Autodesk Maya export plugin in action


Qt 3D Studio 2.5 is available via the Qt online installer under the Developer and Designer Tools section. If you have a previous installation, please use the Update feature in the Qt Maintenance tool to get the latest version. The Qt online installer can be downloaded from www.qt.io/download while commercial license holders can find the packages from account.qt.io. Maya export plugin can be also found from Qt Account Download section under Qt 3D Studio product.

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