Qt for Android Automotive 6.3.2 is released

We are happy to announce that the latest Qt for Android Automotive is out, focusing on better developer experience and bug fixes.

What's new
  • The code base is now using the Qt 6.3.2
  • Activity View Example Documentation Added, the examples are now visible in Qt Creator's welcome screen.
  • Fixed an issue with HVAC examples having build issues when opened from the Qt Creator welcome screen. These examples now appear separated into a total of four examples, each with a single back end implementation.
  • Fixed an issue with QIfDriveInfo:distanceDisplayUnits.
  • Fixed an issue where an application icon remains visible when a user switches between an ActivityView and other Android app windows.
  • Fixed an issue in Android version 11, where only one ActivityView on the screen was able to receive touch events.

For existing Qt for Android Automotive users, please follow the Qt 6 migration guide. For users who are interested to evaluate, please contact our sales representatives for a free trial.

For further technical information about Qt for Android Automotive, please check out https://doc.qt.io/QtAndroidAutomotive-6.3/.

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