Qt Android Automotive 6.7 is released

The latest release of Qt for Android Automotive (QtAA) is out, based on Qt 6.7.

What's new

  • There is a new Qt Quick implementation of ActivityView

    • ActivityView is a handy API for displaying Android's Activity inside Qt applications. This version added TexturedActivityView as the default back-end of the ActivityView module. With the new back-end, QQuickActivityView supports resizing, z-ordering, and transformation as with any other QQuickItem. At the same time, several known issues of previous versions of ActivityView have been solved.

      Example 1. Two native Android apps hosted inside the Qt Quick UI


    • Example 2. A more sophisticated example of a blending native Android app (Clock) with Qt Quick and Qt Quick 3D HMIs.

  • Support for Android Studio workflow

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts where we will cover details about our new ActivityView and Android Studio workflow for approaching mixed Qt/QML and Java applications!

For existing Qt for Android Automotive users, we recommend you update from earlier 6.2.x, 6.3.x, 6.4.x, 6.5.x, and 6.6.x. If your project is based on 5.15.x, please follow the Qt 6 migration guide. For users who are interested in evaluating Qt for Android Automotive, please contact our sales representatives for a free trial. 

For further technical information about Qt for Android Automotive, please check out Qt for Android Automotive technical documentation.