Qt Insight 1.3 Released

We are happy to announce the Qt Insight 1.3 release.

There are three new major features in the 1.3 release:

  • Support for multiple organizations 
  • Application failures
  • Guided tour

Multiple Organisations

Originally, Qt Insight dashboard users could only belong to one organization at a time. Changing an organization resulted that the user was removed from the existing organization. Now, it is possible for the user to belong to multiple organizations. It is easy to select the organization and navigate between organizations without waiting for the organization admin to invite the user back to the previous organization. This will significantly help you navigate between several organizations and improve the user experience.  

Application Failures

Application failures will show where your application fails or crashes when used by real-world users. Our monitoring system allows you to track and compare device failure counts and identify patterns and issues that may be affecting your end-users and take steps to fix those. 


Guided Tour

We improved the getting started experience with the web console by introducing a guided tour. You can start the tour when you log in to the web console or by clicking on the tutorial button on the right corner of the web console UI. The tour guides the user through all the main features available in the web console. 


Try Qt Insight yourself!

Anyone can try Qt Insight for free for 60 days. It is available for both open-source and commercial users. Please use the Qt Insight Getting Started link to start your own journey into Qt Insight.

Check also what Qt Insight is all about and read how it can help your business and product development.

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