Qt Insight 1.4 Released

Qt Insight 1.4 release is now available. 

Two major features we have implemented in this release are private-cloud offering and offline data gathering. 

In addition to using the Qt Group-owned AWS account for storing the users events, it is possible to use a customer-specific AWS account now. Even though the customer data is fully secured in our account, there are different policies, which may require customers to use their own account. Now, it is possible and we provide customers with a full installation package and instructions to take AWS private-cloud easily into use. We will consider to support other cloud vendors or private customer solutions based on the customer demand. 

Users have also heavily requested an option to gather data offline. By default, data is stored into the database in the device and sent periodically to the backend. However, many users want to gather data in devices with no network connections at all. Data is stored similarly as previously in the device, but now we offer a command line tool to upload the data from the database to the backend after the data is transferred to another device which has a network connection. After the upload, the data may be analysed  using Web Console like it was transmitted with a device supporting an Internet connection. 

Web Console

We have added support for multiple filters in Web console. For example, in the figure below a user has selected multiple countries to filter the data: Austria and Belgium.


Multiple filters

In addition to the SW-related metrics, we have added HW-related metrics, such as most used CPUs, to be used in reports. 

HW-related metrics 

Enhancements in the Web Console UI 

We have made several improvements and fixes in the Web Console UI.

  • Notification Bar has been simplified for a consistent look.
  • There are style enhancements in Navigation bars. The open subnav icon has been updated and sub-navigation menus can be closed by clicking outside or pressing the 'Esc' key.
  • Empty Widget visuals have been improved. 
  • Organization Switching has been fixed. 
  • KPI trend colors have been enhanced.  
  • The license notice styling has been polished. 
  • The UI of the Feedback Page has been improved. 
  • Tokens section and version info have been added into the Help page.
  • The ordering and the UI of the Failure List Enhancements have been improved. 
  • A dialog for invitation errors has been implemented. 

Try Qt Insight yourself!

Anyone can try Qt Insight for free for 60 days. It is available for both open-source and commercial users. Please use the Qt Insight Getting Started link to start your own journey into Qt Insight.

Check also what Qt Insight is all about and read how it can help your business and product development.

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