Qt knowledge drop – January

Greetings, travellers, and Happy New Year!

It's been a while, but one of my New Year's resolutions (hopefully the one that'll stick) is picking up my slack of writing blog posts about events we think you might find interesting. This time, we'll be looking at some free webinars about new features, releases, tips, and tricks aimed to improve your Qt lifestyle. There's something for everyone, so make sure you sign up to join and ask your questions live, or to to receive a copy of the webinar in your inbox if you're busy at that particular date and time. We've also included some information about how you can become a Qt World Summit speaker this year!

Without further ado, buckle up, there are some real doozies!

Getting started with Qt for MCUs 1.0 - Code-along webinar

You probably heard about Qt for MCUs by now – it's one of our new favourite things. If you haven't, check out our website to find out how to create smartphone-like user experiences for microcontrollers with the Qt tools you know and love. If that sparks any interest in you, I recommend you sign up for the webinar on 16 January, which gives you a real practical overview of how you get started coding with Qt for MCUs. I say practical because not only will there be live coding, you can also follow the steps yourself if you download Qt for MCUs and have an STM32F769 or NXP RT1050 board at the ready.

Make sure you sign up for the webinar in EU/APAC or US time zone and ask your questions live!

Speaking about MCUs, we also have...

A Guide to porting Qt Quick applications to Microcontrollers using Qt for MCUs

You have a Qt Quick application you always wanted to run on an MCU. Good news, our friends at Verolt Engineering will show you how to do just that with an example from consumer electronics.

Sign up for EU/APAC and/or US time zones and join us on 4 February.

Now it's time to...

Meet Qt 5.14

We've released Qt 5.14 just before the holidays and it came with a lot of new and exciting features: Support for new graphics APIs (Vulkan, Metal, or Direct3D 11), Qt Quick 3D, Markdown format support, updated high-DPI support, to name just a few.

In this webinar, none other than our CTO, Lars Knoll, and our head of R&D, Tuukka Turunen, will regale you with the highlights of Qt 5.14.

Sign up for EU/APAC and/or US time zones and join us on 22 January.

Python and C++ interoperability with Shiboken

This webinar will teach you how to tie C++ and Python together. The answer is not a rug (pat on the back if you got the reference) but the binding generator Shiboken.

Our friendly neighbourhood Python guru, Cristián Maureira-Fredes, will teach you how Shiboken works and also how to embed Python into your existing Qt/C++ applications.

Sign up for EU/APAC and/or US time zones and join us on 23 January.

Get started with Qt

We'll end the webinar section with a number of webinars on how to get started with Qt – oh, sweet irony. We'll cover topics like the Qt Creator IDE, how to get from installation to deploying your first application target system, coding essentials, and more.

Sign up for 24 January, 7 February, 21 February, 6 March, 20 March.

Last but not least:

Qt World Summit 2020 is coming to Palm Springs

Join us in sunny California for the Qt event of the year 12-14 May. Find more information about the event on our website. Make sure you sign up for news, as I hear early bird tickets will soon be available. Also important, if you would like to be a speaker at Qt World Summit, the deadline for topic submissions is 20 January. So you'd like to join us on stage, submit your talk here. Here is some more detailed information on becoming a Qt World Summit speaker.

This is it for now. Hope you found something interesting, and I'll see you next time!

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