Qt Knowledge Drop - September

As we enter the tail-end of Summer, everything can start to look a little bleak. On the Qt front however, we're happy to say that things are just about to heat up. This challenging year has caused us to heavily adapt our content plans, redirecting our focus from physical events to producing as much helpful and informative online content for our community as possible. Most of which is just about to come to fruition.

So here's a little forecast to help you ride the heatwave. Find out exactly where and when to pick the ripest pieces of content for you.

Qt World Summit 2020

Qt World Summit ONLINE (October 22)

Qt World Summit events are the pinnacle of Qt gatherings. Large scale venues have been used to bring the community together in locations such as Berlin, Boston and Tokyo. 2020's location was set to be in Palm Springs, California, and many of us already had our sunglasses and sunscreen packed.

The course of events of the year, however, led to the summit being no longer feasible in its traditional format. A strong push was made by the team to consider how we could replicate the positive aspects of QtWS, without running a safety risk for our attendees and staff.

Thanks to the field events team at Qt, we have been able to organize a solution that not only retains the networking, learning, and social opportunities, but also brings additional benefits. 

Qt World Summit ONLINE, will include a 3D rendered Palm Springs, complete with a plane, pool, and conference center, built with Unreal Engine technology. Attendees will be able to create their own avatar to view keynotes and technical talks 'in person', as well as partake in Q&A sessions, live chats, and more. 

Better yet, the online format has allowed us, for the first time, to offer free access to the event. Hopefully, this way, a much larger portion of the community can attend, who might otherwise have been hindered by ticket costs and travel.

If you would like to register for a free ticket, register here. There is also the possibility of purchasing a premium ticket for a small fee. This option will allow you to watch the catalog of talks straight after the event, on-demand, at your own pace. Not to mention, you will also receive a swanky Qt t-shirt in the post.

top10 ui trends 2020

Top Ten UI Trends 2020 Webinar (September 2)

A webinar not to miss is the top trends of user interface design for 2020. Bringing together observations and research on what is 'in' for web, desktop, and embedded GUI design, it will hopefully help inspire and guide your work for the year ahead. 

Speakers include Shawn Dorsey, a Sr. Technical Artist for The Qt Company with over 15 years of design & engineering experience in both the Aviation and Automotive industries. Also, Dr. Antti Aaltonen, Head of User Experience at the Qt Company. Before joining Qt, Antti was the UX lead at Rovio, the creator of the Angry Birds games, for seven years.

Qt for MCUs

Stunning Wearable Design and MCU Development Trends (September 16) 

MCUs are a logical partner for wearables tech, facilitating low power consumption, lower BOM costs, and extra small devices. Join a selection of Qt's MCU team to discuss what the next big things in the space are going to be, as well as a full technical tutorial on how to design and deploy a modern GUI to wearable hardware. Remember, if you register to the webinar, you will also receive a link to the full recording to your email inbox.

Get started with Qt

Getting Started with Qt (September 4)

Are you new to Qt, or are you interested in brushing up on the basics? Now, on a frequently recurring basis, we have webinars targeted just for you. Basic configurations, Qt Quick vs. Qt Widgets, project setup, and more will be covered. To sign up for the next one in early September, click here.

Qt Training Sessions

New Official Qt Training Sessions

The Qt Marketplace is now the place to access and sign up for official Qt training sessions. The sessions have an enrolment fee but as they are held in an online format, with low participant limits, they are ideal for intensive learning with a personal touch during the current exceptional business climate.

Official training sessions for Qt for MCUs, run in collaboration with Qt partner Siili Auto, are now available. Other available sessions include threading, Design Studio use and the basics of using Felgo. Find out what's on offer here.


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