Qt on macOS 14 Sonoma

As is customary Apple announced their latest operating system versions during WWDC this June, including the latest major version of macOS, named after the wine region located in California's Sonoma County.

As soon as the developer previews were available, we of course started looking at how Qt behaved in this new environment, tracking the various areas to look into for further investigations.

We were happy to see that there were no major changes to the platform that would affect Qt, and we've been squashing minor issues in Qt in the months that followed, with key modules like qtbase and qtdeclarative now passing all tests. Once all tests have been fixed for all modules, we'll make macOS 14 a blocking platform in our CI.

On the features side, we plan to look into write-only calendar access through the QCalendarPermission API, adopting the new NSTextInsertionIndicator for Qt's text input, and taking advantage of the new application activation APIs for cooperative application activation.

We're of course happy to hear of other use-cases and features of the new macOS release you feel should be on our radar, or if you find any issues with Qt in your own testing on this platform. If so, please let us know in the Qt bug tracker 😊

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