Qt on macOS 15 Sequoia

As is customary Apple announced their latest operating system versions at WWDC yesterday, including macOS 15 Sequoia, named after the national park in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

As soon as the developer previews were available we of course started looking at how Qt behaved in this new environment, tracking the various areas to look into for further investigations.

We are happy to report that both Qt Widgets and Qt Quick builds out of the box with Xcode 16, and runs without issue on macOS 15.

We will continue to follow the beta releases, squashing bugs that pop up, as well as add the new platform to our CI. If you find any issues with Qt in your own testing on this platform, or have use-cases or features of the new macOS version you feel should be on our radar, please let us know in the Qt bug tracker 😊

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