Qt Online Installer and Qt Installer Framework 4.6.1 Released

We have fixed several bugs in the Qt Installer Framework 4.6.1 patch release. 

Non-open source modules, such as Qt Insight and M2M protocols, were causing problems for many open source users. Modules were not found, even though they were not selected by the user. This was caused by manual mirror selection, which resulted that non-open source CDN repositories could not be accessed. As a quick fix, the modules were hidden, but now we have omitted the manual mirror selection for non-open source CDN repositories QTIFW-3103

The 'Browse QBSP' button was not visible, if there was no internet connection. Browsing QBSP files does not require any network, so now the button is available QTIFW-3100.

The excessive number of Qt Account warnings in the installer login page has been fixed QTBUG-91179

The placeholder password text is not cleared on the focus event QTIFW-3051

The offline installer allows users to add temporary repositories in Settings. Unfortunately, temporary repositories have been ignored and not made available in the installer. This has been fixed and now temporary repositories become available in the offline installer QTIFW-3078.

If the package download fails, the installer allows five retries before aborting. Previously, the abort was immediate after the user selected Retry QTIFW-3098.

The crash when filtering categories in the installer with custom pages has been also fixed QTIFW-3085.

The fixes can be read also in Changelog.

Where to get the IFW and the installer?

Precompiled binaries for the Installer Framework can be downloaded from Qt Online Installer, sources and binaries can be found also on the Qt Download page (open source) or in Qt Customer Portal for commercial users. The latest documentation can also be found online.

The new installer is available in Qt Downloads and  Qt Customer Portal for commercial users. Maintenance Tool is updated using the existing installation(s) Maintenance Tool.


We would like to thank everyone, who have filed the bugs and the team, who have fixed the bugs. 






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